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Since its foundation in 2005, the DWJ group has grown into a dynamic B2B reference in the Benelux in the field of professional air treatment.

This success has its origins in the production method in which ultramodern machinery is controlled by the most recent computer technology. DWJ strives for perfection, whereby the power of the know-how is used in function of the user.

DWJ's current production line is based on air ducts and moldings in galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. From the site in Belgium, shipments leave daily to customers in various sectors at home and abroad. DWJ is flexible when it comes to customization. After all, all standard sizes, shapes and dimensions are adapted in accordance with the specific wishes of the customer, taking into account the shape requirements regarding stability.
DWJ Airducts develops, manufactures and distributes ducts and moldings for air heating, ventilation and cooling in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

In the Netherlands, DWJ Airducts monitors the quality standards and services in the field of air treatment.
DWJ uses short lines of communication and uses various online applications to build long-term relationships with partners at home and abroad.

The flexibility of DWJ, in combination with high-quality products, is the key to the company's success in the Benelux as a manufacturer of air ducts and moldings.



Phone: 003289811400

Address: Siemenslaan 6c

Dilsen-Stokkem 3650 Limburg BE


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